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Carpooling Anxiety, Tell me I’m Not Alone

This past year we joined a carpool which flared up my parental anxiety. I was questioning myself a lot like: “Did my son make it safely?”, “Does the driver text and drive?”, “Does he speed?”, “Please tell me he doesn’t smoke in the car.” Before committing fully to carpooling, I did all the right things. […]

SaferChild helps protecting your child from being bullied

Bullying comes in number of forms. Name calling, cruel taunts, cyber-bullying and physical bullying. It is devastating for children, but hard for parents as well – and it is almost impossible to concentrate on anything else but helping your child. I share the opinion of many – bullying is a problem that needs to be […]

How we started

Hi there, and welcome to our first post. I was thinking of what to write for the opening, since I have so many things on my mind right now. Perhaps the best is to begin with how we actually started SaferChild. It was almost a year ago that I came up with the idea of […]