Did my son take our dog for a walk?

We’re a family of four living in an apartment in the city center. We have a dog named Ulla. My wife has been absent for several months now because of her work, so you can imagine that my schedule is pretty busy. In my hectic life it is Ulla who is mostly forgotten, particularly during the week. My day always starts with Ulla when I take her out in the morning and ends with her when we go for a quick last walk around the block at night. Her long afternoon walks, which were previously in my wife’s domain, are non-existent.

This of course was not good for Ulla so we had to make some changes in our daily routine.

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Carpooling Anxiety, Tell me I’m Not Alone

This past year we joined a carpool which flared up my parental anxiety. I was questioning myself a lot like: “Did my son make it safely?”, “Does the driver text and drive?”, “Does he speed?”, “Please tell me he doesn’t smoke in the car.”

Before committing fully to carpooling, I did all the right things. I created a safety checklist, I got to know the other parents, and talked to my son about the importance of following the carpool schedule. Yet the uneasiness didn’t go away.

I wanted to run away from the carpool. Who cares what the other parents think of me? Am I acting crazy? Totally. But I didn’t care. However, at the end I had to embrace it – not only I couldn’t manage all the rides for my kids by myself, it was my son who was asking for more independence as well. Read more

I didn’t know my son is missing school

We are a family with three children. The youngest is in kindergarten, the older daughter attends elementary school, and the oldest has just finished elementary school. He has enrolled at the natural sciences grammar school, which is considered the most difficult school in the city. We are very proud of him, but things could have been much, much different.

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SaferChild helps protecting your child from being bullied

Bullying comes in number of forms. Name calling, cruel taunts, cyber-bullying and physical bullying. It is devastating for children, but hard for parents as well – and it is almost impossible to concentrate on anything else but helping your child.

I share the opinion of many – bullying is a problem that needs to be solved as a family. The problem is that modern life forces parents to become detached from their kids’ lives too soon. We should do our best to stay connected!

Let me share a story about a friend of mine whose son was bullied physically in after school time. See how SaferChild could have helped him at the time.

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