SaferChild helps protecting your child from being bullied

Bullying comes in number of forms. Name calling, cruel taunts, cyber-bullying and physical bullying. It is devastating for children, but hard for parents as well – and it is almost impossible to concentrate on anything else but helping your child.

I share the opinion of many – bullying is a problem that needs to be solved as a family. The problem is that modern life forces parents to become detached from their kids’ lives too soon. We should do our best to stay connected!

Let me share a story about a friend of mine whose son was bullied physically in after school time. See how SaferChild could have helped him at the time.


It all began when their son started walking to school alone. His parents went with him a few times by foot, to make sure he was taking the safest route possible. They talked about dangers, where is the best place to cross the street, which side of the street to walk on and so on – all protective measures parents take. After a week or so of walking together, they let him go alone. They did a few check-ups. Everything seemed fine. Story closed, right? Their child was now mature enough to independently walk to school and back home.

Then, after few months my friend went on sick leave and stayed at home for a couple of days. He noticed that his son was not coming home at the agreed time. He hadn’t noticed such behaviour before because he usually came home from work at around 5PM. His son was supposed to go home straight after school, arriving at about 2PM. But his son was now arriving home over an hour late.

They sat down to talk. However, the conversation ended quickly. His son apologized saying he had stayed a bit longer after school to play. His parents explained their expectations once again and reminded him to fulfil the agreements.

The next day their son arrived home on time, but then the following day he was late again. So my friend decided to have another talk with him. This time it was a longer discussion and what they learned broke their hearts. They discovered that a group of older schoolmates were ambushing their son after school – taking him on physically, demanding his lunch money and so on. And this had been going on for quite some time. Their son was afraid and had started taking a longer path back home. Not to mention, that the route he was taking was agreed not to be the safest path. At all costs this child was trying to avoid this group of bullies. In doing so, not only was he late, but he also was putting himself in danger on the street.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending.

How could SaferChild assist my friend and his son you might ask?

It’s really quite simple actually. It is about awareness of a child’s whereabouts. My friend would detect such late home comings much sooner and his son would not have to go through all that trouble and fear. The first time his son would be late coming home, my friend would receive notification. He could then check on the map and see his child’s exact location. SaferChild would give my friend information enabling him to connect the dots quicker and act accordingly.

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